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You done with PPE.... yeah you know me.....

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The hottest time of the year and yes dental health care professionals are donning what feels like 100 pounds of extra personal protective equipment. Sweat-soaked, heat induced exhaustion and frustrated with a foggy shield and brain all within a few hours time, what can be done to at least make it more tolerable? Here are some small things you can do before you go doffing your PPE and throwing in that tear soaked towel for good.

  • Have an Infinite Mindset-Everything, I mean everything starts with your mindset. This quite possibly is a season of our careers, stay positive that this will not last forever. It's just for now. It truly is a season of time. Be that motivated energy that you are THE dental health care provider and your patients are counting on you, always.

  • Hydrate-This may seem counter-intuitive, but by keeping your body hydrated before, during and after your shift you will decrease the likelihood of not feeling well during the day. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  • Eat before you start your shift- Have a bit of something in your stomach. Keep it healthy. By starting your day off with your stomach satisfied it stops the risk of feeling light headed during your shift. Being hot in all the PPE combined with an empty belly does not make a comfortable visit for anyone.

  • Take a breather during your shift-you are human, not a robot! Yep, take a 5 minute break. Your safety and sanity are worth every second.

  • Talk to someone-either in the office or out of the op. There are plenty of forums that help with issues like breathable hair coverings, help with heavy cords, how to use that new aerosol reducing suction or just an ear to know you're not alone. Find the social proof you need and connect with others going through that same season as you.

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