What hat are you wearing these days?

No, I am not talking the cute surgical type scrub hats that are all over Etsy. Though they are functional and some would say whimsical with teeth and characters on them are a fashion statement. I am talking about what dental hygiene hat are you wearing? Do you wear the restorative, preventive or perio therapy hat? Or the tooth replacement and cosmetic hat? I remember as a new hygienist out of school I wore the "I want all my patients to like me hat". I thought if my patients liked me, they would come back. And several times, I found myself talking the whole appointment about myself, my kids/dogs/vacations/etc....everything but their dental health. I was wrong to do that. In fact I thought making them happy was far easier (and it was, for a time anyways) than providing them with their health or lack there of status. I was not wearing the right hat. There are several hats in dentistry and you and your patient may not like the one you are wearing.

So, let me ask you, what hat are you wearing these days?

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