Are you on FIRE? Or Fired up to leave your profession?

Updated: Oct 26

Feeling burned out as a dental hygienist? I know I was and I spent several years on "hate my profession" roller coaster. It seems everyone wants out of the operatory or worse out of their chosen career! This is an amazing career and we get to save patients lives with their dental visits.

Here are 5 ways to stop feeling burned out in this amazing career

  1. Stop cleaning teeth. Yes, that's right. Stop cleaning teeth. Although it is a touchy subject to some, cleaning teeth is not your primary responsibility. There are so many other opportunities to create health in your patients and just cleaning teeth is only part of it. (message me for more information how how to stop cleaning teeth)

  2. When did you last take an inspiring continuing education class? Do you just take the minimum required or just free for me CE? Get inspired and take classes. Never stop learning and go beyond what is required. Join a mastermind or study club. Can't find one-start one.

  3. Mentor. Be one and have one. Everyone is in a different chapter in their career. Help those who are just starting in their career. Find someone you admire and follow their lead. You are a combination of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Make your mentor one of them.

  4. Be creative outside of dentistry. Find something that makes you happy outside of the operatory and enjoy that hobby. Sometimes only focusing on work leads us to burnout. Do something new outside of the dental field.

  5. Create the culture you want to see in your office. Sometimes things don't change because it's just easier to stay the same. We just keep being repetitive with our thoughts and actions. That gets boring. Be the change you want to see.

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